March 28, 2019

BWI Eagle Now Offers UL and CSA Certified Products!

At BWI Eagle, our equipment has always been manufactured to the highest safety standards, right here in Butler, PA. Now, we are pleased to announce we are offering UL and CSA certified products.

UL is the standard in America (CSA in Canada) for safety and quality assurance. Our products underwent rigorous testing in their labs.

UL tests are designed to ensure that products always operate safely, even under extreme circumstances. Our equipment was exposed to power surges, electrical sparks, fires, freezing temperatures, heat, dust, high humidity, and more to evaluate stability and predictability.

The main point of the tests is to push the product far beyond any environmental extremes you would expect it to withstand, to ensure that if circumstances cause a component to fail, it fails without causing damage to anything or anyone around it. We are proud to say our products passed with flying colors!

For our customers who require UL or CSA certificated equipment, you now have options in the BWI Eagle product line of industrial remote controls. You can rest assured that our products meet or exceed the nationally recognized standards for safety.

January 24, 2019

Introducing BWI Eagle's Signal Strength Tester

When installing a wireless system one of the challenges is determining optimum unit or antenna placement to achieve the most reliable signal.

Whether you are working around the electronic interference of a busy factory floor, or looking for the strongest signal through foilage and over rough terrain, or anywhere in between, we can help you eliminate the guesswork!

Our new Signal Strength Tester makes it easy to see how well the system will perform in your selected location. Immediate results are displayed on the LCD screen. You can keep the tester running, if desired, to track performance over a period of time. You can move the tester between several locations, compare results, and determine the optimum placement of your wireless system.

Product Features:

  • Portable. Battery operated unit with on/off switch to conserve power.
  • Easy to read LCD display provides data on total number of signals received, total number of missed signals and longest period of missed signal time.
  • Pushbutton selectors for menu navigation.
  • Frequency selector allows you to test each of the 7 network frequencies.
  • Durable NEMA enclosure.
  • Uses standard AA lithium batteries for optimum battery life.

Signal Strength Testers are now available in all of our Air-Eagle product lines: Air-Eagle SR (Short Range), Air-Eagle SR Plus (Medium Range), Air-Eagle XLT (Long Range), and Air-Eagle XLT Plus (Extra Long Range).

Signal Strength Testers are available for purchase for contractors, large installations, or for customers who regularly move their systems. We also offer rental units for small jobs, and one-time installations.

November 30, 2018

Season of Giving - BWI Employees Donate to Fight Hunger

Though it seems hard for most of us to imagine, many elementary school students go home from school to a house with little or no food supplies. They receive breakfast and lunch at school, and sometimes don't have anything to eat until they return to school the next day. Then, the weekend comes, and they could face several days without much to eat.

The community of Butler (hometown of BWI Eagle), the staff & parents of the Butler Area School district, and The Golden Tornado Scholastic Foundation have come together to supply weekend food for students in need.

Through the Kids' Weekend Backpack Program, every Friday a bag of food is delivered to the child's homeroom and discreetly placed in their backpack. Each bag contains child-friendly, single-serve, easily-prepared meals and snacks. The food selections include proteins, whole grains, fruits and dairy.

The program, now serving students in all seven of Butler's elementary schools, is funded entirely through donations. Community Organziations, churches, and businesses all over Butler, donate to this worthy cause. Recently, the employees of BWI Eagle felt we wanted to do something charitable for the community and decided to collect food items for the program. When we all contributed a little, we were surprised how much we were able to collect. The Kid's Weekend Backpack program is a great way for us to make a difference for the kids in our community.

September 4, 2018

Limited Edition BWI Eagle Pins will be Shipped with Customer Orders.

Between now and the end of the year, BWI Eagle pins will be included in random shipments.

When your new BWI Eagle equipment arrives, be sure to check your carton for the colorful postcard holding an enamel pin.

Snap a picture of yourself wearing your pin, send it to, and you could be featured on our website and our Facebook page!

August 2, 2018

Custom Buttons

Did you know? You can customize your buttons on our remote controls? We'll print whatever you want on them, in your favorite colors, often at no extra cost. Because the printing is protected by the overlay it will not smear or fade over time. Ask about 'Custom Buttons' when you place your order.

June 1, 2018

Introducing Our Newly Redesigned Eagle/Optima Systems!

Our ever-popular Eagle and Optima product lines of Critical Speed Switches have been updated with some exciting new benefits.

Like our traditional models, the new Eagle and Optima units monitor speed and detect motion in all types of rotating electrical apparatus. The flexibility of one to three independent channels have always allowed for a variety of control functions to meet virtually any application requirement for under-speed or zero-speed detection from 6 RPM up to 800 RPM.

Some of the exciting advantages to our new design include:

  • Fiberglass windowed NEMA 4 Enclosure – higher NEMA rating, now water tight, not prone to rust/corrosion like old NEMA 12 enclosure.
  • All components sealed inside enclosure---window allows for visual confirmation of operation without having LED lights exposed to the elements.
  • Same size enclosure for 1, 2 and now 3 channel units – same footprint means no more re-drilling if additional monitoring channels are required.
  • All common speed ranges are included. On-board “DIP” switches allow 1 model to cover multiple application speeds.
  • Speed calibration LEDS improved for easy setup at any speed.
  • “First Out” capability now available in the 3-channel model.
April 16, 2018

BWI Eagle Shares Hometown with Another Historic Innovator

BWI Eagle's hometown of Butler, Pennsylvania is known for more than manufacturing world class remote controls.

Butler is the birthplace of one of the most famous vehicles in the world - the Jeep. In 1940, the US Army, knowing they would soon be drawn into WWII, contracted The American Bantam Car Company of Butler, PA to design a new multi-purpose, 4-wheel drive vehicle that could be used to transport troops and equipment over all kinds of terrain. In an incredible 45 days, the engineers at Bantam designed and delivered a prototype: the first Jeep. The Department of the Army was impressed and ordered 600,000 more. Because Bantam was a small company and could not produce the vehicles as fast as the Army needed them, the blueprints were shared with Ford and Willy's to help meet the demand.

Although the Bantam Car Co. closed in 1956, Butler still has a deep love for Jeeps. Butler hosts the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival annually, and holds the Guinness World Record for the Largest Jeep Parade! The record was set in 2015 when 2,420 Jeeps paraded through the city of Butler to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the original Bantam Jeep.

November, 2017

Introducing our New & Improved Handheld Transmitters!

You spoke, We Listened!

At BWI Eagle our customers are always our top priority! Every decision we make is customer inspired and your feedback fuels our design process.

So, it is with thanks to you and your suggestions, that we proudly introduce our newly designed handheld transmitters!

Product Improvements:

  • More rugged enclosure with rubberized outer ring provides easier grip with better moisture and impact protection
  • Improved membrane switch with carbon overlay allows for more button actuations
  • Highly adhesive label adheres more tightly to membrane switch for a better seal against dirt & moisture
  • Redesigned battery compartment uses rugged spring clips to eliminate loose battery contacts and make battery replacement easier
  • Nine button transmitter now uses AA batteries for 3-4 times the battery life
  • Sleek contemporary design is as unique as the high quality RF technology inside!