Miscellaneous Specialty Controls

Count on BWI Eagle for excellence in a wide range of cost-effective specialty products. We carefully research customer needs in the service of providing solutions for the problem situations. All the products you’ll find featured on this page are engineered with increased safety and productivity in mind.

The Eagle Stitt Tester accurately measures ground circuit resistance using a new and unique method which is not affected by pilot wire resistance, contact resistance, or other factors affecting conventional methods.

  • Simple, fast, one-pushbutton operation.
  • Digitally displays accurate reading in seconds!
  • Unaffected by contact resistance, the Stitt Tester measures true resistance to 1/10 Ohm.
  • Self-powered and portable unit is handheld and requires no lengthy wire installation.
  80-2000, Ground Impedance Tester


Ground Impedance Tester
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The Eagle Slip Switch Tester (SST) searches for faults and jumpers in the slip switch control circuit while the conveyor system is running. The SST will not shut down the conveyor system during the test, unless a real slip condition is detected.

  • Satisfies PA laws regarding pre-shift testing of conveyor slip switches in deep mines.
  • Works with all brands of electronic slip switches.
  50-7200, Slip Switch Tester


Slip Switch Tester
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