BWI Eagle’s products are designed to improve productivity and safety in industrial applications. They are built to withstand harsh environments and rough use. All our products are easy to install and operate and require no programming by the user. Our simple controls provide only the bells and whistles you want, and not a lot of useless and complicated features. All products are fully supported with a money back guarantee.

Industrial Wireless Remote Controls

Operate any electrical equipment or machinery with wireless relays activated by handheld portable remote controls or stationary dry contact input transmitters. Multi channel units provide the flexibility for numerous functions. User selectable network frequencies allow many systems to operate in the same vicinity without interference. Customizable relay operation means you can fit the action to your application for truly precise control.

Speed Switches & Sensors

Monitor the motion of any rotating apparatus with digital speed switches and non-contacting proximity sensors. Protect expensive conveyor belting and other equipment with our panel, din-rail or stand-alone NEMA rated speed switches that are super easy to install and operate.

Dust Suppression Systems

Control explosive rock dust and stay in MSHA compliance with our modular dust suppression systems. Water sprays can be timed to meet your needs with added control by motion sensors that detect material on the belting.

Miscellaneous Specialty Controls

Specialty controls include a unique patented ground circuit impedance tester, a valve position indicator and slip switch tester to name a few.

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