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Dozer Stop Switch Systems

The greatest concern on a coal storage pile is the potential danger of the dozer falling into the feeder cavity. At that critical moment, the dozer operator’s safety and protection depends on how fast the feeder can be stopped and emergency personnel alerted. Until now, the operator usually had only a CB or handheld radio to summon help.

If the signal didn’t get through, quite possibly nobody would even be aware of the situation.

But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore! Now from the cab of the dozer, and with a single push of a button, the feeder can be stopped and personnel alerted by the fail-safe Air-Eagle® Wireless Stop Switch. Featuring a full duplex (handshake) link with an operating range of 4500 feet or more, the Air-Eagle redefines safety on coal storage piles. If a dozer should start to fall into a cavity, not only can the feeder be stopped and emergency personnel alerted with the push button, it will automatically stop if the handshake is broken due to signal loss or power failure. So, even if the operator panics or can’t hit the button, he is still protected!

The Air-Eagle continuously monitors up to Eight (8) dozers simultaneously with a clear frequency auto-scanning signal that cannot be blocked or jammed. Integral high current relays allow direct interfacing with other equipment and devices, while 900MHz spread-spectrum technology ensures the utmost in security and reliability. When the operator logs-on to the system, on-board LEDs at both ends of the link verify the handshake has been established, giving a sense of confidence and trust to the operator and all other involved personnel.

BWI Eagle has the ONLY Fail-safe protection for dozer operators working on coal stock piles with underground feeders. Our system features a continuous link between the dozer operation and the control PLC. Falling into a cavity would break the RF link and activate the E-stop just as if the button had been hit. Other RF systems rely on the emergency signal reaching the control receiver, but fail to consider that RF transmissions will not penetrate thru layers of coal.

Failsafe E-Stop for Coal Stock Pile Dozer Operators – 900MHz, Continuous Monitoring of up to 8 Dozers.


Air-Eagle XLT Plus
900MHz, 4500 Ft. Range, Dozer Stop Switch Transmitter with Fail-Safe Linking to Receiver, Single Latching E-Stop Button, 9-36VDC Powered


Air-Eagle XLT Plus
900MHz, Dozer Stop Switch Receiver, Monitors 8 Dozers Simultaeously, 120VAC Powered


Air-Eagle XLT Plus
900MHz, 4500 Ft. Range, Signal Repeater, 120VAC Wall Plug Powered