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Signal Strength Tester (Air-Eagle XLT Plus)

When installing a wireless system one of the challenges is determining optimum unit or antenna placement to achieve the most reliable signal.

Whether you are working around the electronic interference of a busy factory floor, or looking for the strongest signal outdoors through foilage and over rough terrain, or anywhere in between, we can help you eliminate the guesswork!

Our Signal Strength Testers make it easy to see how well your wireless system will perform in your selected location. Immediate results are displayed on the LCD screen. You can keep the tester running, if desired, to track performance over a period of time. You can move the tester between several locations, compare results, and determine the optimum placement of your wireless system.

The Air-Eagle XLT Plus Signal Strength Tester is a portable battery powered unit that allows you to test the strength and reliability of your Air-Eagle XLT Plus 900MHz system. An LCD display provides a bar graph to give a display of relative signal strength and a display of total signal count, missed signals, and missed signal time.

Product Features:

  • Portable. Battery operated unit with on/off switch to conserve power.
  • Easy to read LCD display provides data on total number of signals received, total number of missed signals and longest period of missed signal time.
  • Pushbutton selectors for menu navigation.
  • Frequency selector allows you to test each of the 7 network frequencies.
  • Durable NEMA enclosure.
  • Uses standard AA lithium batteries for optimum battery life.

Signal Strength Testers are available for purchase for contractors, large installations, and for our customers who regularly move their systems. We also offer rental units for small jobs, and one-time installations.

  461-0000, Air-Eagle XLT Plus, 900MHz, Signal Strength Tester, 3VDC Battery Powered


Air-Eagle XLT Plus
900MHz, Signal Strength Tester, 3VDC Battery Powered
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