Your source for wireless industrial remote controls

Your source for wireless industrial remote controls

Intrinsically Safe Speed Switches

The Eagle® I.S. Optima Series

A family of intrinsically safe critical speed switches that monitor speed and detect motion in all types of rotating apparatus. Combining advanced electronic engineering and innovative circuitry design, the Eagle Optima redefines dependable, trouble-free performance.

Built-in I.S. Zener Barrier & Non-Contacting Sensor

Featuring a built-in Zener Barrier and utilizing a non-contacting, fail-safe I.S. Proximity Sensor, the Eagle I.S. Optima monitors speeds from zero to 2000 RPM, meeting virtually any application requirement for underspeed or zero speed detection. Unaffected by hostile environments or material build-up, the sensor is immune to 50/60 cycle and RF interference, and may be remotely located up to 10,000 feet from the Optima control unit, using common, two-conductor cable.

Rugged NEMA Rated Enclosure

Available in a wide selection of NEMA enclosures specifically designed to withstand the punishing demands of the mining industry, the Eagle® I.S. Optima is equally well-suited to meet the environmental challenges of any industry.

Express Calibration

Calibrating the Optima is not intimidating; simply turn the speed potentiometer until its LED blinks. That’s Express Calibration – fast, simple, accurate.

First-Out Indicator

When a shutdown occurs, the unique First-Out Indicator is used to determine whether the Optima initiated the shutdown because it detected undesirable speed, or if the shutdown was initiated by another control or switch in the motor control circuit. The First-Out Indicator greatly simplifies troubleshooting, decreases downtime, and gets machinery back on line faster.

Quick, Easy Installation

From mounting the sensor to selecting the optimum trip point, each installation step is guided and verified by LEDs. Even the first-time installer will be confident that everything was set up correctly

Up Front Display

An array of LEDs prominently displayed on the Optima control unit provide a visible status report of all important operating functions. Without opening the enclosure, checks can be made on sensor and relay status, calibration setting, and first-out indication.