Your source for wireless industrial remote controls

Your source for wireless industrial remote controls

Wireless Analog Systems

New Wireless Analog Transceivers By BWI Eagle!

Thousands have counted on BWI Eagle for the reliable wireless remote control of industrial equipment and machinery. You can now look to the industry leader as we present our Air-Eagle® Analog Transceiver for wireless two-way point to point monitoring!

The Air-Eagle® Analog Transceiver is an industrial grade, RF system designed to convert a wired sensor system into a seamless cable-free connection between any 4-20mA or 0-5VDC sensor and a PLC or Data Logger. Dual inputs read the data from an analog sensor, then transmit it wirelessly to a remote receiver that converts the information into highly accurate 4-20mA output. This easy to install system allows the user to dedicate his master and slave units by a simple dip switch setting. There is no complicated programming to perform – just hook up your wiring and you’re ready to monitor your processes with full duplex bi-directional analog signal flow. One way monitoring available as well – with or without additional digital channel for wireless control.

Transmit data up to 2 miles with the Long Range XLT systems or up to 10 miles with the Xtra Long Range XLT Plus system.

BWI Eagle’s RF systems utilize spread spectrum frequency hopping technology for communication that is reliable, secure and private. User selectable frequencies allow multiple systems to be used in the same area with no interference.

All systems come with a money back guarantee, so you can be sure they will work for you! For application assistance or more details, contact us.

900MHz, 250mW & 1W, Single or Dual Channel,  7 User selectable Frequencies